Partners Hunter Johnston and Jeff Weiss have co-authored a four-part article series on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) for Law360. Use of CCUS technologies and products are critical to achieving national and global decarbonization goals. Part four of the article includes a discussion on potential trade law and policy, international regulatory cooperation, and standards and conformity assessment issues that are relevant for CCUS. See below for relevant links:

  1. Part one discusses the need and new momentum for CCUS.
  2. Part two reviews key decarbonization developments in the European Union, including a potential carbon border adjustment mechanism and the need to ensure that a CBAM recognizes the important role of CCUS in meeting emissions reduction targets.
  3. Part three looks at the potential for CCUS and decarbonization in the United States.
  4. Part four considers how the interests of multiple stakeholders may align around CCUS, identifies issues to be resolved, and makes recommendations for promoting global adoption of CCUS and decarbonized supply chains, including considerations for ensuring compliance with global trade rules and for US-EU cooperation.